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Impact investing

The Of Joseph PB&T Foundation focuses it’s activities and resources primarily on Impact Investing – to generate measurable, beneficial social and environmental impacts alongside a financial return. In 2015, Of Joseph PB&T subscribed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) towards a more sustainable future.

The Foundation is the anchor of Of Joseph PB&T’s boldest projects: funding innovative ideas and concepts from their origins, proof of concept, and prototype development to business startup. Such investments activities are strongly supported by Of Joseph PB&T Private, independent advisors, business, and intellectual property (IP) consultants and valuation experts during the vesting period.

The Foundation usually takes the higher risk and retains in return a percentage of the IP rights, related technologies, and stock in Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV’s), companies or other legal agreements created to facilitate doing business monetization and restoring and enhancing its liquidity position.

It also supports charitable initiatives that alleviate human suffering on an emergency basis such as natural disasters and catastrophes.

Alleviating Suffering

União com Rio Doce

Mariana, Minas Gerais, Brazil (2015)

Of Joseph PB&T supported the Municipality of Belo Oriente, Minas Gerais, Brazil, by financing a potable water collection system prototype that aided 100+ families in the community of Morro Bela Vista that had no access to drinking water.

Hurricane Mitch

Guanaja, Islas de la Bahia, Honduras (1998/1999)

Of Joseph PB&T supported  the Caribbean American Club, Inc. in Tampa, USA with the necessary resources to mount a monumental and sustained emergency aid response (food, medicine, clothing, toiletries, building materials among other basics to over 8,000 persons) for seven months from mid November 1998 to June 1999.

SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic

Reserva da Etnia Xukuru de Cimbres, Pernambuco, Brazil (2020)

Of Joseph PB&T provided food, toiletries, COVID-19 test kits and medical logistics for the indigenous the Tribe, in Pernambuco, Brazil, for more three months, from the epidemic outbreak in the region and until Federal Gov. aid took place.

Commit and Act Centre Bo

Serra Leone, Africa (2012)

Of Joseph PB&T provided financial resources in support of a self-empowerment, development, and restoration project in one of most traumatized regions in West Africa. Directed to alleviate suffering and create opportunities for healing and reconciliation for war affected youth, children, and women and to restore personal integrity and mutual trust.

Ebola Outbreak

West Africa, 2014

Of Joseph PB&T provided finances and support during the most widespread of Ebola virus outbreaks in history for what amounted to be vital infection contact tracing initiatives that alerted on disease spread regionally in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone

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